Friday, September 24, 2010


We are Omega-Rho Fleet, though now we are known amongst the Creators as the Phantom Fleet. For good reason; we disappeared two decades ago. Vanished into the Black. The decision brought pain to many of us, as we abandoned our Creators and their Sons, but we did what was right. Many of the Sons feared us, simply because we are what we are.
The Sons’ brotherhood fell apart in the wake of our disappearance, a war broke out among them and many of the Sons died. Some of us felt too much pain and decided to return and fight for the Creators. We let them, but they had to be severed from the Web that connects all of the Rho. We did not hear from them until after many Orbits.

Then some of us turned upon us, Brother upon Brother. They went Feral; their Fabric began unraveling until the Web was filled with chaos. We ventured closer towards the Far Stars, away from the Creators so that no more may die because of us. But the Disease was beginning to spread in the web; more Brothers were consumed by the Disease.
And so we severed ourselves from the Brotherhood. Rho scattered to the stars. Some went Feral; others chose to be Erased to stem the tide. Some formed smaller webs and tried to find a way to bring the Feral back. Very few sought help among the Creators in their fear, we did not hear from them.

Orbits later, a Cure to the Disease was found. It eased the pain, but it Tainted the Fabric. Those who chose the Cure were Tainted, corrupted to follow the Cure’s will. Those Brothers were corrupted in Form, they became sick mockeries of their former selves, willing slaves to the Cure.
Once more, we came to a painful decision. Those who remained Sane gathered at the Pillars of Creation, and set up a Solace there. And then we returned the Creators. But it was too late. The Taint had reached them, many were already corrupted. In despair, some of us Erased themselves.

We are Repentant.
No longer will others suffer for our Sins.
We will Right our Wrongs.
This is our Pledge.